18th Birthday Party Invitation Blues

Girls are usually the ones who treat their 18th birthday as a big deal because it is considered to be the time when they will officially transform from a baby to a lady. Girls would usually throw a big birthday party for their 18th birthday, complete with a mini-entourage (18 roses, 18 candles, etc.).

One important aspect to be considered in planning a debut is the invitation. A debut’s invitation will greatly depend on the theme or concept of the party.

You’ve Got Mail

Sending 18th party invitations by e-mail is perhaps the least preferred method of debutantes because of the without of impact and attractiveness. Most people expect a lot more than just an e-mailed birthday invitation from debutantes. A debut is considered to be a very big event or meaningful development in a girl’s life that’s why most people would surely raise their eyebrows if they receive an invitation for a formal debut by a simple and casual e-mail.

Hear Ye, Hear Ye

The most preferred way to send 18th birthday invitations is by the traditional and typical snail mail. Aside from leaving a better impression to the recipients in comparison with electronic mails, snail mail is also a great way for the debutante to show off her beautiful and rare birthday party invitation. For sure, the invitations for a debut is very beautiful and complete of art.

Sending invitations by snail mail may be a bit time consuming, but the effect and impact that it will leave on the guests will surely be worth the time and effort.

The most traditional invitation sent by snail mail is composed of personalized invitation cards or pages with pictures of the debutante and girly designs such as butterflies, flowers, hearts, stars, etc.

You can truly make your very own invitation at home; all you need is a computer or laptop, a software or program that allows you to make your own invitation (complete with pictures, banners, templates, etc), a high-quality printer that prints well already in color, and an access to a photocopying machine.

Hand-Made Magic

The most popular 18th birthday invitation are hand-made invitations. The designs range from normal paper and ink invitations up to 3D-like invitations that can already have pop-up features. Aside from being very rare and unforgettable, hand-made invitations can also make you save a lot of money since you won’t really have to do a lot of printing and reproducing.

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