3 Things You Should Know Before Using Rogaine

3 Things You Should Know Before Using Rogaine

Some take Rogaine without researching it or considering what effects it may have on them. While Rogaine can be bought over-the-counter, this does not change the fact that Minoxidil, the active ingredient in Rogaine, is a drug and should be used with caution. Putting a liquid or gel in your hair to help combat hair loss sounds easy enough, but people may not know what they are getting themselves in to by blindly taking this medication. Before anyone uses Rogaine, they should know about its side effects, its limits, and its cost.

Rogaine can and will cause side effects for some users; however, most of the side effects are non-harsh and include minor headaches, irritated scalp, and dandruff. Among the more serious side effects that are doubtful to occur but can are dizziness, racing heart, and already cardiac arrest, in addition these are only possibilities and more of the exception than the rule. Most users do not experience serious side effects, but anyone contemplating trying Rogaine should know about these things. It is recommended that you consult a doctor during any hair loss treatment program, for this is the best way to ensure your own health and safety.

As with any drug, when Rogaine is used over a long period of time, the body will adjust to it, and its effects will diminish. Researchers which have followed up on their Minoxidil rest subjects years later after conducting clinical trials say the test subjects reported a decline in effectiveness of the drug. Rogaine’s ability to continue and regrow hair will lose strength after several years of use. Users who begin treatment only to find out later that its strength would only last for so long end up disappointed that they wasted time and money stalling hair loss instead of stopping it. If you’re planning on using it for the rest of your life thinking that it will regularly work magic, you may want to think again.

Finally, possible users need to be aware that using Rogaine is not cheap. If you are considering using it to treat your hair loss, you should ask yourself – am I willing to shell out $6400 over the next forty year to save my hair? A three month supply of Rogaine may seem reasonable at the time, but the cost adds up fairly quickly. Hair loss treatment is an investment, and if you are have trouble just scraping by, your money might be better spent in other places.

Minoxidil is a drug, and just like any other, administration of it needs to be taken seriously. If one isn’t educated about Rogaine before taking it, they could be putting themselves at risk of their health and financial stability for something that will become mute over time. If you’re considering taking Rogaine, I encourage you to read up on it and learn as much information about it as you can.

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