9 Desk Lamps to Upgrade Your WFH Setup

9 Desk Lamps to Upgrade Your WFH Setup

When it comes to choosing a modern desk lamp, technology can’t help but bleed into the world of interior interior design, which method the way it looks is just as important as how it works.

There are some lamps that have achieved cult position, such as the spring-loaded Anglepoise conceived back in 1931 by a car suspension designer, or the Lumio book lamp that’s immediately familiar and undeniably fun. Then there are the lamps with built-in smart features to help reduce eye strain and help you concentrate for longer, and the ones that can become smart given the right accessories, such as the Philips color starter pack, or an IKEA Tradfri smart light bulb. 

We’d never want to fall into the style over substance trap, so have chosen some of the most current and progressive pieces to brighten up any home office. Some offer portability, while others provide modern additions like USB-C ports and wireless charging capabilities.

Your desk lamp will, at the very least, brighten your work space, but what else do you need it to do? Will you be using it for daily computer grind, complicate craft work, or catching up on some reading? Do you need wireless charging, USB ports and app control, or do you just want to live out in addition another Mad Men inspired mid-century fantasy. Either way, we’ve got it covered.

Anglepoise & Paul Smith

The kind 75 Mini Desk Lamp sees Paul Smith cast his design magic on the iconic Anglepoise. It’s not his first collaboration with them, and we’re all the happier for that. The functional, Pixar-approved, simple but clever design is compact enough to plonk on your desk or bring a living space to life. It comes in four glorious editions: from an all-black form save for one colourful stripe, to a bright Mondrian-inspired dominant palette. The most interesting though, might be Edition Four, based on the colour scheme Paul Smith produced of a rare version of the Land Rover Defender. 

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