A New Tag Heuer characterize Wants to Lure You From Apple Watch

But how long does each battery last on a day-to-day basis? The new 45-mm Calibre E4 has gotten a 30 percent raise from the past form, equal to a complete day of use—including a five-hour golf session. The new 42-mm size can hit a day already after using a few of its wellness features.

The Calibre E4 case comes in stainless steel or titanium as the dominant material, and despite a continued focus on luxury—basic when you’re competing with smartwatch rivals at much lower prices—the new Tag Heuer aims to grab more traditional wearable owners. The brand is hoping a renewed popularity will come with the sportier design of the existing 45-mm form, while a 42-mm version dials down the masculine aesthetic for a more gender-neutral look. This shift mirrors a number of Swiss watch brands that are replacing gender-specific watches with collections aimed at whoever likes the particular models, in spite of of styling or case size.

“This 42-millimeter is more elegant, less sporty, and a little bit more alternation for general all-day use,” Arnault says. “We truly wanted to do it for the last generation, but we had a brand-new team, a new vision, and we had to focus and take the product step-by-step. This 42-millimeter is a very different product. The same elements, but we had to develop everything twice. So it’s more challenging. We were not capable of doing it to the right level of quality two years ago. Now we are.”

You don’t get the seemingly never-ending customization range offered by Apple Watch and its straps, but Tag Heuer does offer plenty of variety for its Connected range. Stainless steel and leather options are obtainable, while bright rubber sport straps come in six colors for those fond of fitness.

BasicPhotograph: TAG Heuer
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