A Useful Check List when Considering a Storage Facility

A Useful Check List when Considering a Storage Facility

Self-storage is a popular option with people who are moving, expanding, or are collectors. Long term lease of self-storage benefits those who want to store things that are too large or too many to keep at home or in the office and however valuable enough to retain and not give away.

Once you have decided that a storage unit is basic to your smooth function you need to make up your mind whether you would like self-storage or pick up and delivery storage.

Use a check list like the one we have designed when considering a storage unit:

1. Determine how far the unit is from where you are and whether the roads are easy to reach already in bad weather. Also check out whether the area is inclined to flooding.

2. Find out whether the self-storage company offers any discounts and whether they offer free pick up of items.

3. Make a list of the number and size of things you wish to store and then check out the various sizes of units on offer. Choose one that will adjust to your things comfortably. Also consider whether in the near future you may be adding many more things to the unit. If yes, then opt for a larger unit.

4. Be sure to check the facility at the minimum twice. Determine whether the units are clean and whether the surroundings show any signs of rat droppings or insects like white ants or cockroaches.

5. Ask about security arrangements. Find out whether the facility has 24 hr guards, surveillance cameras, inspections, smoke detectors, or alarms installed.

6. Find out whether the lock and keys will be provided or whether you will need to bring your own.

7. Find out about insuring your things and also whether the facility is maintained in accordance with rules and regulations of safety.

8. Find out whether you will have 24/7 access or whether they facility will charge you for operating your unit at inconvenient times.

9. Many units have climate control find out as much as you can about whether the unit has climate control and about humidity control.

10. Be sure to ask whether they have had any break ins .

11. Ask for references from users and do check them out.

As a user it is up to you to ensure that your things keep safe. So, before signing a lease or making payment ask to read the contract and check online whether there are any complaints about the company or negative comments. Sites which give information are: http://www.consumeraffairs.com/movers/storage_lockers.html and http://www.complaints.com/directory/2005/april/6/12.htm .

Be a knowledgeable person and make the effort to determine how reliable the companies are and do a comparison shopping before choosing a service.

Reap the benefits of self-storage but protect your interests.

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