advantageous Uses of Herbal Pesticides

advantageous Uses of Herbal Pesticides

Pests have been a major cause of concern for agriculturists since decades. While the usage of chemical pesticides has affected health adversely, scientists and researchers find new methods to prevent destruction of crops. The use of herbal pesticides is considered one of the best alternatives to prevent destruction of crops by pests.

Some of the Reasons Why Herbal Pesticides are Used

Herbal pesticides are effective in controlling pests and are used widely by farmers all over the world. The uses of herbal pesticides have been promoted by health departments because it hardly leaves any side effects on human health. The use of chemical pesticides has known to cause cancer and other life threatening diseases.

These pesticides seldom cause any harm to the health of the farmers. Since the herbal pesticides do not contain any chemicals, it does not contaminate our food. It is in fact considered one of the best methods to protect our crops and the ecosystem. Another reason for the increased usage of herbal pesticides is that it does not linger in the soil or on the crops for long thereby causing no concern regarding the health of the consumers.

Most of these pesticides are used in the form of oil and sprayed on to the plants. Plants like mint, rosemary, clove and so forth are used as pesticides. These pesticides help to ward off the pests in addition as kill the bugs. It has a strong aroma that drives away pests. Another advantage of using the herbal pesticides is that farmers can use it without the need of any kind of regulatory approval as it does not contain unhealthy chemicals. additionally, pests and insects seldom develop resistance to these pesticides.

Availability of Pesticides Online

Pesticides which are natural and made of herbs can be easily made at home but now there are many websites that offer different choices of pesticides. Due to the increasing use of herbal pesticides, manufacturers have resorted to the online product directories to post ads for their products.

Some of the most reliable suppliers of these pesticides are the Lasky Herbal (India), Sikko Industries Private Limited, Modern Pest Control, Zebra Organics, Apara International and so forth. The pesticides supplied these companies are harmless to human beings and are effective in controlling pests of all kinds. Neem is also another effective pesticide that is used widely. There are a number of pesticides that use neem as its ingredient.

However, it is important to understand that while using pesticides, great care must be taken not to destroy the useful insects with it. It is always better to spray the pesticides directly on to the pests. Since these pesticides are sprayed on to the plants, its effect does not last for long and as a consequence requires frequent spraying to prove effective.

Today, the ill effects of chemicals and other unhealthy pesticides have prompted agriculturists to use herbal pesticides to excursion away troublesome pests and rodents and to enhance the quality of the soil. The invention of these pesticides have indeed contributed in protecting our ecosystem and more important for our health.

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