allurement Your Speeding Fine Today

allurement Your Speeding Fine Today

One of the biggest problems facing motorists is being given a speeding fine. It’s not just the fine or the points that’s a problem – It’s the consequences that can follow. A possible driving ban, being unable to excursion to work or already losing your job.

Speed cameras are usually placed in road collision ‘blackspots’ where there is a history of road collisions. This makes sense; since the speed cameras will slow motorists down and statistically reduce road collisions in these areas.

However, the problem starts to arise when mobile cameras are placed deliberately to catch motorists out. Such as; hidden by the side of the road or already placed where the speed limit suddenly decreases such as from 60mph to 30mph.

Placing speed cameras in locations to catch motorists out just isn’t fair on road users.

Another major issue facing some motorists is when mobile speed cameras are inaccurate. If the equipment isn’t properly calibrated the speed of a means travelling at exactly 30mph may be reported at 40mph or already higher!

In situations such as this, a lot of motorists won’t realise they’ve been caught speeding since they were truly well within the speed limit! So when the fine arrives motorists probably can’t already remember where the speed camera saw them.

How to allurement

So what do you do if you receive a fine? It really depends on your situation. In most situations you can allurement the penalty by going to court and being issued with a summons.

In court you will need to give your evidence for disputing the speeding fine. The magistrates will decide your outcome which may revoke, reduce of already increase the fine.

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