Am I a Medium? 5 Things Worth Knowing About Awakening Your Psychic Abilities

Am I a Medium? 5 Things Worth Knowing About Awakening Your Psychic Abilities

1 – Think only famous psychic mediums can communicate with “the other side”? Think again! The great majority of psychic or spiritual experiences happen to ORDINARY people. While many people DO turn to psychic mediums to communicate with their loved ones who have “crossed” over, the overwhelming majority of these sorts of extraordinary experiences are had by ordinary people. (often spontaneously and unexpectedly)

2 – Psychic ability MAY be a lot like art, or science or musical ability. We all are born with certain innate gifts. Some are genetic. Some are nurtured by our ecosystem. And some are simply “hard wired” into our brains and biology. Much the way a musical prodigy nevertheless needs to practice to excel their craft, so too do those who are naturally more intuitive than others. While you may be naturally MORE intuitively aware than others, cultivating clairvoyance is a life long practice.

3 – The best way to develop, improve and hone your psychic gifts? Specific meditations that are designed to expand your awareness and enhance intuition have been practiced and perfected for hundreds of years.

For example? Simply sitting in your seat and allowing your awareness to expand to places and spaces that are outside of the boundaries of your body is a GREAT way to become aware of many things happening in your extended ecosystem. The further you can push this course of action, the more you’ll be able to start to see, and verify… WELL outside of what would be possible with your eyes alone. These sorts of spiritual exercises are a great way to dive in and truly get personal PROOF that these experiences are true and valid, instead of having to believe them from a book, or a show on TV.

4 – Connecting with a clairvoyant community is meaningful. Finding a spiritual sangha, or a network of psychic aficionados is a basic part of becoming more psychic yourself. In my own journey, I probably spoke to 20 or 30 specialized readers as a caller or client, simply to learn how the time of action worked and how other spiritual teachers did their best work.

Finding meet ups, joining Facebook groups, getting read by other mediums and clairvoyants, and other similar experiences is truly the gateway to opening up your own possible. It’s also a ton of fun… and a great way to get crystal clear about your own future. Good psychic readings provide evidence, validation and experience as you grow and flow in the direction of your destiny, and will help you have your own ethereal experiences to boot!

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