Am I Psychic? 3 Amazingly Easy Ways to Test Your Psychic Abilities Fro…

Everyone wants to know if they are truly psychic, right? Can I predict the future? Are my dreams precognitive? And what are those strange sensations I often get that prove to come true a short time later? With so much magic, and mystery around the idea of psychic powers, it’s no surprise that so many people are so confused about what “being psychic” really method.

The fact is, in my view…asking whether or not you’re psychic is tantamount to asking if you’re musically inclined.. Or athletic. Or already good at math. The skills EXIST in all of us. They may be latent or “sleeping”…..but the easy way to activate them is simply by practice.

Psychic abilities work the very same way. Many people are born with more progressive intuitive abilities, and are naturally superior at being psychically “sensitive”. But just like Michael Jordan, or Tiger Woods was probably born with more natural athletic skill than 99% of the population, it doesn’t average that ANYONE can’t learn to be pretty good at golf, or develop into a decent basketball player in addition.

Most tests and scientific studies seem to sustain the very SAME facts as they apply to psychic abilities. Some are special. Many have extraordinary “natural” (or supernatural..:-) gifts. But just about ANYONE can learn, improve, and develop IMPROVED psychic abilities, simply by practice and the right information.

Tip #1: Meditation is Magical

Learning to meditate is a very powerful natural ally in helping to cultivate psychic abilies. It’s tends to focus the mind, and allows you to learn to “tune out” distractions, and ordinary sensory stimuli, which has a “diluting” effect on your natural intuitive state. Very powerful, can take some discipline to learn…but once you get going, the benefits are enormous!

Tip #2: Becoming More Empathetic to Others

One of the amazing things about the “universe” is it tends to reward those who use their “powers” for good. It’s hard to explain, and sounds like new age nonsense to some. But trust me, it’s not…and if you practice the art of being empathetic, caring and super sensitive to the emotional energy of others, you’ll find your intuitive abilities enhance consequently. Why? It’s hard to tell – but it happens, and as above, many people believe that the Universe is comprised mostly of the energy of love… when you focus on this sort of energy, your intuitive is activated in a major league way!

Tip #3: Seek Out Similar Souls

Interacting with other psychically gifted people is a great way of becoming more psychic yourself. Why? Because like attracts (and improves) like. Just like mastering any special skill requires interaction with those MORE gifted than yourself, so too does the same standard apply to psychic development. Calling, or visiting a psychic can be an AMAZINGLY illuminating experience, and one that can go a long way in cultivating your own intuitive creativity to boot!

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