An Inside Look At The Latest Trends For Landscapers In 2011

An Inside Look At The Latest Trends For Landscapers In 2011

Everyone has been going green lately and landscapers are no exception. Whether it is the do it yourself homeowner or the local landscaping company, green options are getting additional emphasis for outdoor spaces in 2011. It might sound strange to refer to a scenery contractor using green techniques, but there are plenty of eco-friendly ways to enhance on the curb allurement and homeowner enjoyment of outdoor spaces.

Eco varied, Sustainability, And What Landscapers Will Plant

One of the big pushes in 2011 will be to utilize different plants and shrubs. The push is to de-lawn meaningful areas on a character and instead allow a landscaping company to plant native species and to create sustainable landscapes. Some options include species that use less water and pesticides while being better appropriate to the climate of the particular home. In this way, fewer resources have to be used to keep a foreign species alive and thriving, including water, fertilizers, and pesticides.

Additionally, there are many options for a landscaping company to use plants like succulents that simply use less water than grass. Succulents work on larger areas in addition as small gardens and already window boxes. These plants store water like a camel, saving on costs while resisting droughts and dry seasons. They are also very easy to keep already for someone with a brown thumb without having to call out a scenery contractor.

Sustainability is also achieved by employing different species that attract local wildlife that act as pollinators, such as birds, bees, and butterflies. Yes, in many situations, attracting bees is a good thing. The non-stinging variety is vital for maintaining lush outdoor areas. Flowering plants and vegetable gardens rely on pollinating species just as much as the local scenery contractor.

Sustainable Containers For Landscapers

This trend is ideal for the do it yourself landscapers and already as a rare piece for a landscaping contractor. Sustainable containers for plants, flowers, and already herbs can be recycled materials or already something as simple as a reused bottle or carton. already larger projects can utilize recycled materials for a sustainable container. Reusing materials keeps waste out of landfills while saving money in addition. Reusing old containers and cartons is already getting trendy; some companies make handbags out of old container wrappers. These reused containers can add some bold colors and already act as a conversation starter.

For readymade products, green retaining wall blocks work well and are used by many a landscaping company in addition.

Styles For The Year

Landscapers will be trying out new styles for the New Year. Vertical gardening and living walls will become a tool used by a scenery contractor that is looking to hit on the latest trends. already homeowners living in the city are getting some attention with a new push to revive urban areas. It will not be surprising to see a landscaping company in the middle of the city.

Overall, the 2011 season offers another opportunity to create amazing outdoor spaces.

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