Are Investors to Blame For the Real Estate Crash?

Are Investors to Blame For the Real Estate Crash?

For some reason, real estate investors have been made out to be the villains and blamed for the real estate crash.

I believe there are many to blame including, Washington for pushing lenders to give loans to those that couldn’t provide them, lenders for allowing Washington to bully them into making bad loans, homeowners and investors for over leveraging and using their homes as ATM machines.

We all need to quit pointing fingers and take responsibility. I’m an investor and I’ll let in that I contributed to this mess.

The solution isn’t blaming anyone, especially investors. If they want this mess to end sooner instead of later, they need investors to get the housing market and economy back on track. Investors are going to help stabilize the real estate market if they don’t tie our hands and prevent us from doing so.

Qualified investors need credit freed up by the edges so that they can buy homes, clean them up, and rent them out. All those people that owned homes that should never have been able to qualify are now back as renters. We need good housing for the multitude of people that need good rentals.

Many of the homes being foreclosed on are in bad shape. Rehabbers are in the business of taking ugly homes, making them pretty, and putting them back on the market. This is a good thing and very needed. But again, the powers that be need to make it advantageous for an investor to do this.

My opinion is that many of us made mistakes and caused this mess. Let’s learn from the past so that we don’t make the same mistakes, but let’s also quit the blame game and move forward with the understanding that investors can get us out of this faster than anyone if they allow us to.

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