Are You a Good Candidate to Work at Home Online?

Is working online for a second income good for YOU? Some people do really well working at home, while others just use money and are never profitable. It is tempting to just stay in the “learning mode” and never take the step to move forward. Most people can really use an additional income. Times are difficult, and everything is so expensive. There are so many incredible opportunities online, and many many ways to just use money in addition. Answer these questions about your own situation: If you can say yes to at the minimum 3 of these questions, then you have the “right stuff” and can be successful in an online business.

1. Can you be efficient and learn to duplicate successful actions a few times a week? It is great to be creative and learn a lot of new things, but there are a handful of basic things that you can do that will bring you success week after week.

2. Do you have self-discipline. Can you commit to 10 hours a week for your online work? Can you dedicate some time without distraction, and follow a checklist for creating new business, marketing activities, and following up with current prospects every week?

3. Do you have some people in your life that respect your opinion if you ask them to look at something? Neighbors, other parents in your school, friends and family. Ask for their opinion on your new business, and ask if they know anyone that might need your products or sets.

4. Are you comfortable with online networking, developing relationships? Can you chat with people and feel comfortable meeting people online so that you have a casual relationship before you present your business proposal?

5. Will you follow up with people that express and interest by an email or reply on a social network? Don’t waste the opportunity to work with someone who has already “raised their hand” to ask about your business.

6. Do you have another business with satisfied clients or customers who would listen to a new idea from you? For example – If you are a real estate agent or broker, and insurance agent, or accountant, then you probably have a great list of people that respect you and you can proportion a new product or service with them.

One piece of advice, find someone to help you so that you don’t just stay in a training mode forever. Move forward, make money, be successful!

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