Bankruptcy and DUI

The ramifications of a DUI charge are significantly more extensive than many people initially understand. At first, offenders comprehend the criminal aspect of DUI allegations, which can rule to jail time or meaningful fines. The recognition of license penalties can shortly set in, as suspended or revoked licenses can cause hardship for repeat offenders. However, if a person should confront a major legal crisis, such as a divorce or a bankruptcy, the ghost of their DUI may show itself to be particularly damaging. In the case of bankruptcies, this can average carrying thousands of dollars of debt thorough into the future.

In bankruptcy procedures, the portion of the time of action that frees debtors from their financial responsibilities to creditors is known as debt release. This allows debtors to get rid of certain debts that are permitted under the law, creating an ecosystem in which debtors can rebuild a new financial foundation. While there are certain fees and debts that inherently cannot be discharged, most debts are relinquished under this motion.

If a DUI leads to an accident in which the drunk driver caused meaningful injuries, any damages he or she is stated to pay to the injured party cannot be discharged. There are three major alcohol-related stipulations in bankruptcy law that can cause a drunk driver to keep their settlement debts after their bankruptcy.

Most plainly, any DUI-related accident automatically violates the grounds for personal injury settlement release. Additionally, any accident caused by negligence that was either willful or malicious, both of which being meaningful legal determiners in debt release, cannot be discharged. Finally, some jurisdictions may refuse to release payments for violent crimes, and some alcohol-related accidents can be classified in this category.

Driving while intoxicated is a serious crime that has possible consequences few people already recognize. To learn more about how a DUI can change a person’s future, contact a DUI defense attorney.

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