Be Free From Judgment

Be Free From Judgment

Effect of Judgment

Is it every possible to be free from judgment. In almost every phase of our lives – at home, at school, at work – we find ourselves placed under evaluations of external judgments. Such judgments are a part of our lives from beginning to old age. Unfortunately, they can have a certain social influence on how we work and live our lives.

Like everyone else, I have found myself all too often making such evaluations consciously nor not. however, in my experience, have prevented personal growth. Nevertheless, it’s hard to not estimate and estimate as it is part of our make-up.

On a current road trip with a colleague we talk about no judgment, however we found everything we said was a judgment either negative or positive. Think about it (!)

When we say something is beautiful, is this not a judgment? That’s good(!) Similarly, external judgments of scolding, “That’s bad – That’s naughty”(!) Curiously, speaking positively of something or someone also can be as threatening as a negative one, since to estimate implies you also have the right to do so.

So, let not dismiss this idea totally. The meaning and value of a life free of judgment and evaluation, is not quite so easy. The more we permit others to estimate lies with those doing the evaluation. No amount of external judgment can alter this situation. But there are universal principals to bring order to this world. Aligning and understanding your soul’s values are. you will understand the acceptance or not of external evaluations, rejections, and observations.

The fact is – what you believe about yourself, tends to happen – bringing towards you the evaluations and judgments, whether good or bad. When you get to experience the states you most desire you will be the person who you are seeking to become according to your definition.

You’re Truth

It is hard to see your place in the world, and what you can attract into it. It is often much harder for you to understand yourself unless you are aligned with your chief spiritually. You can easily begin to understand the thoroughness of your being connected to all that is.

Have you ever walked into a room where you found someone appearing to be so confident and strong? Their certainty just exudes. This is the essence (soul) of their being. This comes from knowing who they are deeply. This is what I want for you.

So how can you leverage you ‘Your Soul’s Essence’ leading your style natural to you?

It is in your soul’s purpose and journey! This intensity of who you are, down to the detail, makes you stand in your own strength.

  • Being rare in your own identity is about…
  • Owing the genius in you and being willing to show it off
  • Living your principles to guide you no matter what is around you
  • Having your own approach that is yours on your terms
  • Taking a real stand for something that is meaningful to you

Clearing negative external evaluations

Close your eye and focus on your heart imaging in a flame ignited burning brightly and strong above your head. Charge this flame with the task of protecting your energy field. Determine nothing will permeate or attach itself to you unless you permit this. Encourage the light now to expand until it fills your complete body. Once your body is filled with this light, push it by your skin in every direction infusing your energy body.

This cleaning will help where there are negative energies around you. For example, heated meetings, fraught social or family gatherings, unpleasant comments, negative news interactions, nonconstructive social media, are excellent ways to disguise yourself into this light.

Experience your most desire states according to your definition you will be ‘successful, joyful and blessed’. What defines you is only what is of value and touches your soul. AND, no one else can do this for you. That’s your soul’s brand, your market space, your radiance, your place to shine and be yourself.

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