Being Psychic – How Psychic Readers Live

Being Psychic – How Psychic Readers Live

Most people who do not have psychic abilities surprise what it like is to be psychic. Do mediums and people with these talents have perfect lives because they know what is going to happen? Are you able to turn your powers on and off at will? Do you regularly see dead people and hear strange voices in your head? Are you afraid to go to sleep for fear of the intrusion from spirits of other realms?

What’s it like to be psychic? It may seem like it would be a blast to have powers that let you know things that were going to happen in the future for you or your friends. The truth is that sometimes it is nice when you have a concept of the good things that are going to befall a friend or relative, but not all of your friends and relatives are destined to have nothing but good things happen to them. Some of your friends will have hard times coming and not all of your friends will want to listen when you try to tell them about things they may be going to experience soon.

Most people with psychic powers cannot turn their powers on and off when they wish to. Because of this without of control at times having the powers to hear voices and communicate with the spirits of the dead can be frustrating. There are times when some of these spirits are determined that the medium hear what they have to say and they are relentless until they are heard. This is not always pleasant.

Some people have powers that are triggered when they touch objects. They might be in a store and touch an object that once belonged to someone that has passed and suddenly be overwhelmed with feelings that the past owner felt. They may already be flooded with memories the other owner had. This can be surprisingly pleasant at times and terribly sad at times. The mediums with this gift often use gloves so they have more control over when the impressions will be sent to them.

People often think that individuals who claim to be mediums, or that claim they can communicate with spirits and beings that the rest of us cannot, are crazy. Much of the time when these talented people go to try and help someone they are met with bad attitudes and judgmental comments. This is one of the most frustrating parts of having the ability to make a connection with the spirits that live the world with us.

What is it like to be psychic? It is sometimes scary, and it is sometimes the most pleasant experience that you can imagine. It is never boring and it is often frustrating. It is normal for those that are and they would not change it if they could.

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