Business Cards Are nevertheless Effective As an Excellent Marketing Tool

Business Cards Are nevertheless Effective As an Excellent Marketing Tool

The world of business is now digitized, and in marketing, this impact is being felt more intensely. From email, video to social media, there isn’t anyone ignoring this current dramatical change.

While these new branding techniques have revolutionized modern enterprise, they cannot nevertheless replace the good old business card. This is a simple tool that nevertheless contributes your credibility, adds a specialized touch to your company’s profile and enables you to grow your networking capacity.

According to Statistic Brain, over 27 million cards are printed daily, highlighting how important this strategy is already in a digitalized world. A 2016 Adobe Study shows that for every 2,000 cards an organization passes out, sales increase by 2.5%. Without a doubt, this is a technique no marketer can provide to ignore.

If you are planning to set afloat a marketing campaign, it is important to include your company cards. This is nevertheless an effective tool in the current marketing scenery for the following reasons:

1. Personal Touch in Networking

Networking nevertheless remains the best technique to grow a company. For this to work, you have to show genuine desire to connect and this is something a physical card does better than emailing your contacts or sending them via social media.

2. Effectiveness

Assume you are attending a conference and want to leverage obtainable opportunities. It is easier to hand out your card when you meet a possible rule. This is nevertheless the most effective tool in rule generation.

3. First Impressions Matter

When you meet a possible rule and you want to start building a relationship, the best way is not promising to send an email or a WhatsApp message with your contacts. A beautifully designed card is all you need to captivate the attention of a possible rule. By impressing at the earliest opportunity, you will have done a lot towards growing your brand.

4. Versatility

A lot of information can be squeezed into this piece of paper including contacts, business location, working hours, email address, website URL, sets and your logo. This simple paper immediately tells all about you and it is easier for a target customer to be inspired to learn more about your company.

5. More sharing

One reason business card printing remains popular is the fact that these are physical objects that can easily be given out. In fact, possible customers do request them and it would be good if you have some on you.

6. Preparedness

Modern consumers are more informed than ever before. They know a good company when they see one. If you don’t have a card when they request for one, you have already lost a customer. These tools permit you to be always prepared.

It might be a digital world but some old tricks in marketing nevertheless work and a business card is one of the best.

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