Cabbage Patch Kids Party Games – Ideas for a Gorgeous Party

Cabbage Patch Kids Party Games – Ideas for a Gorgeous Party

Cabbage Patch Kids are nevertheless as fun as ever, so why not a party with your child’s friends, their special off-siders and lots of Cabbage Party Kids party games? Having a party with all their special friends will make things noticable for your child. So let’s figure out some Cabbage Patch kids party games that you can use:

“Name That Kid” Cabbage Patch Kids Party Game

This game requires lots and lots of balloons! Write random baby names on small pieces of paper, but make sure all the slips of paper are the same color! In addition to you random baby names, have the names of each guests’ Cabbage Patch Kid on identical slips of paper. Blow up the balloons, placing one of the name slips in each balloon. After placing all the balloons around the party area the guest try to find the balloon with their baby’s name in it. And of course, the only way to find out if that is the correct balloon is to pop it! When each child finds the name of their Cabbage Patch Kid, they are awarded with a small prize.

“Baby Says” Cabbage Patch Kids Party Game

This game is just like Simon Says, with a baby twist! Gather the children together, stand in front of the group, and have your guests do things a baby would do. Instead of commands such as “Simon says clap your hands” or “Simon says jump up and down”, for example, say things like “Baby Says, crawl in a course of action” or “Baby Says cry”. And of course, if anyone follows a command that isn’t prefixed with “Baby says…” they have to leave the game. The last guest left in the game is the winner.

If you’re planning a Cabbage Patch Kids party, games add a really fun component. You can use these games as a starting point for planning a really great party.

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