Car Running Using Water – Is Water 4 Gas a Scam?

Car Running Using Water – Is Water 4 Gas a Scam?

You can’t seem to go anywhere on the Internet today without reading something about how to save money by converting cars to run on water. You’ll also see plenty of sites with manuals obtainable to guide you by the time of action.

With gas prices averaging $4 around the country and rising almost daily, the idea of using your tap water to strength your SUV probably sounds like a dream come true. But is it only a dream? Are these people selling the manuals just taking advantage of desperate consumers who want to save a few bucks? Or are they offering a real different to high prices and a dependency on a disappearing fossil fuel?

Water 4 Gas Facts

Some people who claim this is a scam do so because of a basic misconception about the time of action. Although some sites almost suggest you can completely replace your gasoline with water, the truth is you can’t. Basically, you’re creating a water hybrid car. That method you use a combination of water and gas to strength your means.

As a consequence, you won’t completely end your dependence on gasoline. Instead, you’ll reduce your car’s need for gas which will lower your consumption and keep more of your hard earned money in your pocket.

Is it a Scam?

Once you realize that what is being hypothesizedv by this course of action is not much different than the systems already being used by true hybrid cars on the market (although they are using electricity instead of water), then the claims don’t seem as outlandish or as easy to dismiss.

In fact, the Internet is just as complete of people who claim they have truly used the conversion successfully and have cut their fuel usage. While some users have claimed to have doubled their mileage, you may not reap those types of rewards. A more realistic improvement is 50%. That method if you currently can go 24 miles per gallon you can expect to raise that to around 36 miles per gallon.

Will I Really Save Money?

If you read the details of how the water hybrid system works, it makes sense. Lots of people are already purchasing the conversion manuals and trying them out. You see more claims of success than cries of scam on the Internet – that’s a good sign.

Of course, you will need to use money to try it for yourself. After you buy the manual, you’ll need to use approximately $60 on parts. If you feel comfortable doing the conversion yourself and you have about an afternoon to devote to the project, you won’t need to pay additional for labor costs.

Improving your gas mileage already by 50% of less will save you money. However, using water and less fuel can also help your car last longer and require fewer repairs which is another way of saving you money down the road.

In addition to the monetary benefits, most people who praise the Water 4 Gas course of action point out that it’s better for the ecosystem, too. Instead of emitting toxic chemicals into the air when you excursion, all you’ll be spewing from your tail pipe is water vapor. That may not save you money but it might help save the planet.

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