Careers in a Fixed Income Market

With the increase in the number of bond holders, the number of jobs in the fixed income market has tremendously increased in addition. A variety of careers await the finance enthusiasts with a myriad of career growth opportunities. In order to obtain a job in the FI market, one should typically have a finance or economics background. Additionally, strong analytic skills and aptitude for statistics are prerequisites. Those who are good at handling multiple projects at one time along with excellent communication skills can fair well in their roles in the income market.

Industries that Offer the Best

There are both highly competent and ordinary roles in the FI. The careers in the FI market is not just limited to finance firms. Successful candidates find inspiring career paths in investment edges and already law firms. One such job is that of a debt specialist, a role that involves guiding clients into achieving their financial needs thereby making business for the bank. Structuring specialists take the responsibility of creating new finance products to meet a company’s financial needs. The syndicate specialists decide the interest rates for the products and prepare them for sale in the market.

Types of Jobs

A few of the other job roles in the FI market are Fixed Income Trader, Municipal Bond Sales, Capital Markets Credit Risk Analyst, Global Fixed Income Product Specialist etc. FI traders help clients buy and sell debts or fixed income. Credit risk analysts work for edges and estimate loan applications to analyze whether the individual is capable of paying back the loan. Fixed income product specialists take the responsibility of analysing FI in a business and carefully positioning it.

There are other roles that are quite competitive such as risk analyst, multiple credit analyst, investment banking analyst, client service analyst etc. The role of a risk analyst is quite challenging as he or she needs to analyse the possibility of threats associated with assets and earning capacity of a business or firm. Investment banking analysts have an extensive role as they interact with team leaders, vice presidents and other high profile employers in an organization to analyze the company’s financial statements and to structure a better financial form for the company.

Careers in fixed income market does not limit the individual from growing. In addition to the aforementioned jobs, there are quite a number of other roles that seek the service of finance professionals in firms handling financial responsibilities and other companies.

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