Cleo Q Discreet – Is it the Best Pelvic Toner?

Cleo Q Discreet – Is it the Best Pelvic Toner?

If you are experiencing from incontinence or any of the other issues caused by a weakened pelvic floor, you may be wondering which is the best pelvic toner which could help you resolve your problems. The Cleo Q Discreet is an option you may be considering. But how does it compare to other similar devices and is it the best pelvic toner?

First, you need to understand that buying a pelvic toner is not only an investment of money (and they rarely come cheap!) but is an investment of time. In our busy lives we simply cannot provide to be wasting months on end using a device which, quite frankly, will not do a satisfactory job.

Now there is no doubt that using any kind of pelvic toner is generally better than using none at all. Indeed when Dr Kegel devised his now without exception recognised pelvic floor “squeezes”, it was never intended that they be done on an empty vagina. Think about a weightlifter trying to strengthen his arms. He needs the resistance offered by weights to build up strength. In terms of muscle stimulation within the vagina, the electrical impulses cause involuntary contractions, causing a similar chain of events to those expected when kegel exercises are done properly.

The problem with doing traditional kegel exercises is inherent. Women quickly become disenchanted when they do not see fast results. In addition, many find it difficult to truly perform the exercises properly so often give up. Also worth mentioning is just how boring and monotonous they are. We all intend to do our exercises, but how many of us really do?

This is where the Cleo Q Discreet comes in. As with any other pelvic toner, using this device is a real “no brainer”. You simply allow the toner to quickly and efficiently do its job whilst you relax. Indeed many women find this is a time when they can sit quietly and read or watch TV.

However, this is where the similarities end.

The Cleo Q Discreet uses its own completely rare technology which ensures that the electrical impulses are absorbed by the muscles in a highly efficient way, giving a 1000% increase in absorption when compared with similar devices. Other devices use a delivery method which method that a large proportion of the energy is “lost” and consequently useless. The Cleo CCTS technology method that your pelvic muscles will regain strength much faster and more efficiently.

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