Construct A Solar Panel – A DIY Project

Construct A Solar Panel – A DIY Project

This is a guide on how to construct a solar cell panel outlining materials needed and steps to take to complete your very own solar panel.

It’s incredible how solar equipment has been utilized in space for decades and how it now is obtainable in a simplified form to be employed in any home to generate strength.

It is extremely simple to construct a solar panel and it is not necessary for you to be a master woodworker or an electrical engineer. All you need are several garage tools that most people already have and some other supplies which can to be sourced from eBay or gathered from a recycling place if you like to cut costs.

It is incredibly inexpensive to construct a solar panel. Compared to the thousands of dollars you had to use just a few years ago today with the use of a solar panel kit it can be built for as little as $200.

Photo-voltaic cells are joined to each other to create the solar panel. The joined cells produce a current which is then released into energy.

Putting together a solar panel is quite an easy and straightforward job and only a few materials are required.

The supplies required include a wooden box, some plastic paneling, black paint, water-resistant sealant like silicone, solder, adhesive, wiring and the photo-voltaic cells. When purchasing the cells make sure they have tabs already attached and it is wise to not buy the least expensive ones.

The strength requirements of your home will determine how many photo voltaic cells you will need. Keep in mind that homemade panels usually only provide 80% of the energy generated.

Joining the photo voltaic cells together is like piecing together a jigsaw question. The best way is to glue the solar cells in a 6×6 square. The cell tabs should be connected in a way electricity only flows in one direction. Set the joined cells on a backing panel and then lay the panel inside a good insulated wooden box. Paint the wooden box black and protect the top by using a plastic panel. Lastly close the whole box off by screwing it down and protecting it further with some silicone sealant

The next stage is making sure your unit releases strength already during days when the sun is not shining. This is achieved by attaching the panels to a storage battery. And that’s it! You have built your very own strength generating solar panel. The next step is figuring out where to place your solar panel to soak up as much sun as possible.

So, to get you on your way to becoming independent from your utility company I definitely recommend you construct a solar panel with the help of a solar kit. It has everything you need for you to become energy self-sufficient.

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