Controversial Absences, Cringy Farewells in addition Harry Potter Reunion Ride…

Harry Potter Reunion offers a nostalgic ride accompanied by secret revelations

Harry Potter reunion special Return to Hogwarts wraps up the wizarding saga with a high observe and conclusively fills the void for Potterheads but only for those who haven’t been the quester of the wizarding world. The special unravels the layers of challenges, crushes, sets, the after-movie journey of the cast, and much more in the run-time of approx. one and half hours.

With this unheard of episode of reunion, the insatiable yearning to know everything in between of the franchise gets quenched to some microscopic extend. And hence, some Potterheads might be able to bid a joyous farewell to the magical world of Hogwarts, others might keep up back the sayonara for some time. Only hoping to see a probable special in the next twenty years. 

The ticket to nostalgia

The special undoubtedly offers a nostalgic and stirringly jumpy ride to the audience at every example. By including various clips from the eight-part movie and multiple behind-the-scenes recordings of actors, it only heightens sentimentalism for the HP universe. With that being said, whatsoever, doesn’t attempt to dish out any more unheard of information.

Any Potterhead who had dug the internet after the traumatic end of the franchise could have unquestionably come across these details. Much of the facts like Alfonso Cuaron’s essay homework to the cast, Emma and Dan’s secret grind to their co-star, Harry’s casting troubles, and so forth are mentioned on vivid public forums. Essentially, it is only a compendium of already known tit-bits. 

And hence, repetitive details along with old film footage only additional to the unnecessary length of the show.

The missing guests

One of the reverberating questions throughout the special was the absence of the creator of the Harry Potter universe- the author JK Rowling. Many speculations pointed towards the negative limelight from her transphobic row as the noticeable reason. while her agents stated otherwise. in any case be the grounds, her non-turn up on the show does put a noticeable question on Jo’s growing dissimilar strong political nuances.

Another missing guest included Robert Pattinson (Cedric Diggory) who wasn’t seen anywhere except in actual movie clips that were shown in the film. 

Moreso, there was a separate section tributed to the guest who departed for a heavenly journey. As it goes without saying, this section in the reunion special was unavoidable, but lacked sincerity most of the time.

The farewell scenes felt cringy and were empty of honesty. 

An over-inflated concept of home

The idea of reunion widely sells the nuance of reminiscence, safe haven, comfort, and home. The 20th-anniversary special edges on this concept, and we can see the cast endlessly mentioning ‘we are family’ already until the end. To this extent, it comes across as an bothersome catchphrase. The show that started off with innocence and mellowness lands towards the end as performative and scripted.   

Despite the inherent flaws and imperfections, the show is nevertheless attractive and view-worthy because the Potterheads holds the franchise close to their hearts.

The Harry Potter reunion special is about home and homeliness, and already though worse comes to worst, nobody renounces the place where they have grown. It is not just the projection of watching the cast bloom from child to adult. But mirroring the same for themselves. The producers knew what, how, and when to serve, making the film the history. 

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