Croker Golf Academy

One of my first students to use The Croker Golf System was Simon Owen…

Thanks to this technique Simon Owen made a reappearance finishing in the top 10 in multiple National Championships!

A PGA Pro who had won multiple tournaments and was already runner-up to Jack Nicklaus in
the 1978 British Open.

Sadly though, when he came to me, Simon’s game was starting to fall apart and his confidence was at an all-time

So, I asked him to “test excursion” my new-found Croker Golf Swing.

Frankly, he didn’t believe it would work…

But I convinced him to pull out his driver and give it a try.

He did, and the next thing I heard was…


The ball sailed by the air for more than 300 yards!

I put down another ball and BAM – the same thing happened again.

And again.

And again.

He was hitting his driver in addition as he had during the 1978 British Open.

He was so amazed, he tried it with his 3-wood.

His 7-iron…

His pitching wedge…

Every club in the bag.

And he couldn’t believe the difference it made.

He was hitting BOMBS.

An additional 20-30 yards off the tee…

And an additional 10-15 yards with all my irons.

It was incredible and made a huge difference on tour.

Simon Owen was back and he rose up the tour rankings…

Finishing in the top 10 of multiple tournaments…

Once again, his name is engraved on National Championship trophies!

And that’s when I knew I was onto something very special…

But before I shared it with the world, I wanted to be 100% sure that it worked.

So, I went to the MySwing 3D Institute in Phoenix, Arizona, where they have highly complex technology…

That would provide detailed data about my golf swing.

They attached 17 sensors to my body to…

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