divided Case Pumps: Everything You Need to Know

divided Case Pumps: Everything You Need to Know

What are divided case pumps?

Pumps are mechanical devices that are used to move fluids or slurries by converting electrical, mechanical, or wind strength energy into hydraulic energy. They came in a variety of sizes from microscopic to large industrial pumps. They are generally classified as Centrifugal Pumps and Positive Displacement Pumps.

When a pump casing contains a single impeller inside it, it is called a single-stage pump, and when it has two or more impellers inside for moving fluid, then it is called two or multi-staged pumps.

divided case pumps are a kind of centrifugal pump. They can be single or double staged and are mostly double suction pumps, and used in the supply of water for irrigation and other purposes. The divided case design allows them to dismantle the setup in the impeller and bearing house assembly without disturbing the suction and release.

They came in horizontal in addition as a vertical configuration. When the casing is divided along the vertical plane concerning the impeller, it is called the Vertical divided Case pump and when the casing is divided along the horizontal plane, it is called the Horizontal divided Case pump.

What are the design features of divided Case Pumps?

The characteristics are as follows-

  1. It offers very high efficiency and has a foot mount design.
  2. The design is accredited from Hydraulic Institute (HI).
  3. The pump can function in clockwise in addition as an anti-clockwise direction.
  4. It has replaceable use rings.
  5. It has a side-side nozzle configuration.
  6. It has oil-lubricated bearings.
  7. It also offers vertical or horizontal mounting arrangements.
  8. It has flanged connections.

What are the construction materials used in the pumps?

The pumps comprise of the following materials for their construction-

  1. All stainless steel
  2. All bronze
  3. Cast iron and stainless steel fitted.
  4. All WCB carbon steel
  5. All cast-iron.

What are the advantages of using divided-case pumps?

These pumps provide the following advantages-

  1. It offers high efficiency, reducing operational costs of the pump.
  2. It is easy to continue, as its mechanical seals can be replaced easily.
  3. It can be installed on low-cost civil constructions.
  4. It offers a stable operation due to its design with less noise and vibration.
  5. Its elements can be easily separated because of its divided-case structure.
  6. Its rotor can function in the reverse direction also, reducing the risk of pump damages due to water hammer.
  7. Its strong structure with a sealed cooling and lubrication system allows it to function in high-temperature conditions up to 200 C.

What are the applications of divided-case pumps?

These pumps are used for the following purposes-

  1. They are used in industries like steel, mining, petrochemical, textiles, etc for circulation their drainage systems or cooling water systems.
  2. They are used in municipal societies.
  3. They are used for irrigation purposes.
  4. They are used in strength plants.
  5. They can be also used in fire-fighting sets.
  6. They have applications in HVAC.
  7. They are used for desalination purposes.

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