Do Free Psychic Readings Do More Harm Than Good?

Do Free Psychic Readings Do More Harm Than Good?

There are two types of psychic readings – free and paid. Which one should you choose? Let’s say the truth, everyone loves free things. But there are people who believe that free psychic readings are inaccurate and worthless, that’s why psychics who give them, give them for free. So the question appears – do free psychic readings do more harm than good? As a psychic who met many psychics, I can’t confirm nor deny that.

First of all, let’s say that the free reading is very accurate when performed by experienced psychic. Because truth is, there are many psychics out there who can really do things, but they’re unwilling to take money for their sets – they got this code or ethical rules they set for themselves. And let’s not forget about friends and family members who are psychics – they’re not taking money for offering you psychic reading, right?

Free psychic reading that is accurate can do exactly the same things that paid reading – it can give you answers to your question, state your health, give advices regarding work, business, love or anything else you want to know about. It’s not bad only because it’s free. But let’s take a look on this matter from another point of view.

I have to agree that a lot of free psychic readings is being offered by those who have no or little experience in psychic work. I myself, know a lot of psychics who are just beginning their adventure with psychic occurrences. And I let in, I wouldn’t advice them start making money on their skills – they’re not that good. Their readings are inaccurate, they have problems with perceiving things, and when they finally perceive the answer, they have problems with interpretation. Imagine what would happen if a psychic would predict you’re going to die within one week from now – but in reality, what he saw was that your son is going to perform an autopsy of a frog in school. It’s all about interpretation – it might be good and accurate, or wrong and dangerous.

But there are also paid psychic readings that aren’t accurate – think about it, there are many frauds that consider psychic stuff to be easy money. They’re tricking people, literally stealing money from them. As you can see, there’s no definitive answer if free psychic readings are good or bad. It all depends on who the psychic is, what’s his or her experience and so on. Well, you must be careful who your psychic is.

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