Do It Yourself Termite Control

Termites devour wood. They will eat anything made of wood or wood products, including books, documents, trees, shrubs, porches, floorboards, attics, and sheds. Each year termites destroy billions of dollars in character. Because of the tremendous damage termites can do, it’s important to stop them at the very first sign of their presence.

If you catch a termite invasion early, there are some home methods for termite control that will work quite well. Here’s a quick guide to getting rid of those destructive pests on your own.

clarify damaged areas

Take a flashlight and a screwdriver into your basement, attic, or other area where you speculate termites might be invading. Use the flashlight to help you identify mud tunnels or insect wings. Tap around the area with the manager of your screwdriver. Listen for a hollow sound that might show termite damage. Gently poke at holes and hollow spots with the tip of the screwdriver. If it sinks easily into the wood, you’ve probably found termite damage.

Seal off the area

Use a caulking gun to seal up all the small fractures and crevices you find. Pay special attention to the frames of doors and windows. Fill in any fractures in the foundation that you find, and close up the openings around outdoor water faucets, cables, and wires. Cover air vents and filters with mesh screen to block any large openings that provide access to the inside.

Control the population

Use cardboard and Tetracycline powder to make a trap for termites control. Cut large pieces of cardboard into squares about two feet in size. Mix Tetracycline powder (you can buy it at a satisfy store for large animals) with a gallon of water, and soak the cardboard thoroughly in the combination. Dig a shallow hole in a identify close to your house, and bury the cardboard there. Leave it for a week, then dig up the cardboard and burn it. Termites will be attracted to the cardboard – and the Tetracycline will kill them.

Treat the area

Boric acid is a well-known home treatment for termites in addition as other insect pets. Start by putting boric acid directly into termite holes and outside around your house. Boric acid can be highly toxic to humans, so remember to use gloves when handling it. Then mix a solution of boric acid and water. Spray it to infested areas, and wherever possible, apply it to surfaces with a paint brush.

Prevent re-infestation

There are some important habits you can develop to keep termites from returning. Wet, decaying leaves make a nice treat for termites – so keep your gutters clean. Termites thrive in damp areas, so keep water from collecting around the foundation of your home and repair leaky pipes. Clear brush and debris away from your house, and store wood items at the minimum six inches off the ground.

Above all, act quickly to eliminate destructive termite infestations! Following these guidelines should keep your home healthy and termite free.

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