Download Plans to Make or build a marimba, vibraphone, xylophone, glockenspiel, metalophone

Download Plans to Make or build a marimba, vibraphone, xylophone, glockenspiel, metalophone

Frequently Asked Questions about Making Marimbas, Xylophones and Vibraphones…

Do I need special wood or metal for the bars?

The great thing about these projects is that they will work for you, no matter what wood you have obtainable – or in the case of the vibraphone and glockenspiel they will work really well with standard metal stock which is inexpensive and easy to get keep up of in most parts of the world.

Concert quality marimbas are usually made from Honduras Rosewood or African padauk, and clearly the better wood you have access to the better instrument you’ll be able to make. However you can make these instruments from just about any hardwood (eg, Durian or Meranti).

How much will the materials Cost?

This depends on which instruments you are building, and also on where you live. All of these instruments though are designed to use nothing but inexpensive materials which are commonly obtainable in your average hardware store.

but here is a rough guide to materials cost for the various instruments.

Simple Glockenspiel – $20 P1 Xylophone – $33 P2 Mini-Marimba – $250 P3 Marimba – $400 P524 Marimba – $1700 (for complete five octave version using African Padauk bars) PV Vibraphone – $600

And if you wish to make a better quality instrument you can of course invest in a better quality wood, such as Rosewood. This will cost you a few hundred dollars, but will nevertheless be way less than purchasing a real concert instrument.

Does the plans include both Metric and Imperial Measurements?

YES! All the plans include both imperial (feet and inches) and metric (millimetres) measurements.

Do I need to be good at woodworking to unprotected to this?

Absolutely not! I’m not a carpenter – I’m a musician. Most of the skills required are fairly basic woodwork – measuring, cutting and sanding.

already if you’ve hardly ever picked up a hammer or a saw in your life I’m confident that you’ll be able to unprotected to a workable instrument using these plans. Of course I’ve…

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