Drunk Driver Accident Victims

Drunk Driver Accident Victims

According to the data from the United States Census Bureau, seven hundred fifty four fatalities resulted from vehicular accidents in the state of Oklahoma alone in the year 2007. Nearly six hundred of these situations are related to drunk driving. This only shows how fatal drunken driving accidents can be. The insignificant fact that already a small amount of alcohol is enough to impair the faculties of the driver, the vehicles they are riding in can immediately become instruments of carnage and death.

The sad part, however, is that when such accidents happen, it is not only the drunk driver who gets injured, but he or she may also cause injuries to an innocent driver in addition as a pedestrian who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. In fact, there are many situations where it was the drunk driver who survived, while the innocent victim died. There are also situations where both the drunk driver and his victim consistent long-lasting disabilities. The driver may just feel remorse afterwards but any expressions of regret cannot undo in any case damage that has been done.

If you, or a loved one, fell victim to the senseless driving of these drunk drivers, then you can always file a damage suit against them in court. Bear in mind that while the offender can offer reimbursements for your medical expenses, you can always need payment for other accompanying costs such as failure to report to work and the trauma he caused you during the accident. If the offender disagrees, you may seek redress in court.

In certain states, a drunk driving first offender is only treated as a misdemeanor. However, as an innocent victim who just happened to be on the same road where the drunk driver is, you can always seek court action, particularly if the damage caused to your person is so harsh that it rendered you disabled. If you are currently in this situation, you can always seek the sets of a DUI accident lawyer to help you take appropriate action. Your lawyer can help you gather vital information and obtain witnesses to build a strong case against the offender. In fact, if the evidence necessitates it, your lawyer can already include the store who sold the liquor to the driver in the complaint.

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