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Masks will no longer be required at Duxbury middle and high school, effective Monday, as of a decision made by the Duxbury School Committee.

In a school committee meeting last Wednesday, principals of each school in the district shared data on vaccination rates and testing results of students. The results from Duxbury’s middle and high school both showed vaccination rates of at the minimum 80%, setting the stage for the committee to change the middle school and high school to “disguise flexible” environments.

“‘disguise flexible’ method that masks will no longer be required for students or staff members as of the aforementioned dates,” said Duxbury Superintendent Danielle Klingaman in a statement last week. “As always, any individual who wishes to continue to disguise, including those who confront higher risk from COVID-19, should be supported in that choice.”

Massachusetts’ statewide requirement for masks in schools is being lifted.

The “disguise flexible” protocol does come with a few exceptions. Students in Duxbury Middle School and Duxbury High School will nevertheless be required to use masks when visiting the nurse’s office, and for five days after a student’s past five-day isolation if exposed to COVID-19. Students will also be required to nevertheless use masks on the bus, as per federal order.

The Duxbury Public School district was already on track to change their disguise protocols in step with a memo put out by the Mass. Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) last Wednesday.

The DESE memo states that starting Feb. 28, schools in Massachusetts will no longer require masks to be worn by students and staff, citing rising vaccination rates and strong testing programs. This change in protocol affects every public school in Massachusetts.

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