Electric Geysers Conversion of Electrical Energy Into Heat Energy

Electric Geysers Conversion of Electrical Energy Into Heat Energy

It is so relaxing to take a shower in hot water after a long days work. This is when electric geysers become useful.

Geysers work on the rule of conversion of electrical energy into heat energy by using a heating component. Cold water comes into a defined compartment, gets heated to a certain degree, by the heating component and goes out by another outlet. ISI marked geysers are preferred over local makes because they have incorporated basic safety norms.

The standard geyser is 15lt in capacity, although 1lt capacity geysers are also obtainable. These electrical appliances have insulated body with long life heating component. There are multiple safety systems installed in geysers to avoid any kind of mishap. These geysers come with a minimum guarantee period but have quite a good life. Combistat is also fitted for maintaining temperature and to conserve energy.

Electrical Geysers are classified as per their capacity, where the starting range is one liter and extends up to 25liters, depending on the requirement of any household.

moment Geysers are geysers which take very little time to heat water and have lesser capacity as compared to traditional geysers. Fusible plug, pressure release valve, thermal cut out and ISI approved thermostat are some of the features of moment geysers. They are good for small families because standard geysers consume more electricity to heat large quantity of water. moment geysers are also successful in kitchens where water consumption is only for cleaning of utensils.

Geysers are also classified according to energy consumption. Some large capacity geysers consume lesser electricity, despite their higher capacity. These geysers are given ratings of 4stars and 3stars respectively. The higher number of stars denotes higher efficiency and consequently low energy consumption. Those electrical appliances should be purchased which have good ratings to save on energy and enjoy greater efficiency.

Electrical Geysers are obtainable in different shades to go with the interiors of your bathroom and kitchen.

The trusted brands for Electrical Geysers include Bajaj and Kenstar. These are obtainable at homeshop18.com at good deals.

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