Evolu Virus Threatens

Evolu Virus Threatens

As the mass media focus on the world’s growing political, social and economic chaos, the spread of the Evolu virus, now endemic in the western world, only makes the inside pages.

Although the origins of the present sudden increase are usually traced back to a major publishing event in the year 1859, historical records show that Evolu was already active and being spread many centuries earlier by the atheistic writings of the ancient Greek philosophers.

In fleeting, Evolu is a mental can not concentrate that blinds already the most rational minds to the glory of God’s creation. It is particularly common in schools and colleges, the very places that should be totally free of it. Young college students from Christian homes seem particularly prone to Evolu brainwashing, and many rapidly develop the tell-tale symptoms of confusion, disillusionment, a loss of faith and sometimes already rabid atheism. This is a very serious and real problem.

In dealing with Evolu, it is helpful to understand that the world is metaphorical in a way that Charles Darwin failed to realize or understand, despite his theological training. Take for example the way each day of our lives depicts the passage of life from birth to old age and then death – a course of action also presented by the seasons of the year. Every night, metaphorically, we die and are resurrected the next morning. Each day also, we move from darkness of night into the light of day, a course of action depicting the learning course of action of life.

God’s identifying characteristics

As I have described in detail in other places, one major metaphor, the identifying characteristics of God on His creation, is that the energy that transforms the world and has freed mankind from manual bondage clearly depicts His Holy Spirit. It seems clear too that the earth’s flora and fauna are also metaphorical. Put simply, we are like plants that require that solar energy from heaven, plus water, rain from above, another metaphor of the Holy Spirit, in order to grow – and hopefully bear good fruit. Animals too are metaphorical, demonstrating good and bad aspects of human behaviour — for example, the industrious ant, the sloth, the hen mothering her chicks, the gormless meerkat, the snake in the grass the leech, the predator, the loan shark, the majestic lion, and so on. These are not accidents of evolution, but the handiwork of God that goes way beyond Intelligent Design.

One metaphor chosen by Jesus was to compare the ancient Pharisees to vipers. Just as vipers transmit a deadly venom that paralyses the body, so the Pharisees’ self-righteous teaching poisoned the minds of their followers.

Were Jesus speaking of them today, with our now shared knowledge of the invisible world of microbes, no doubt He would have likened the Pharisees to deadly viruses. My point is that just as literal microbes can infect the body, so a metaphorical virus, a false idea or lie, such as Evolu, can infect the mind and distort the thought processes.

So how do we protect against Evolu? Innate intelligence seems to offer little protection, as some of the most heavily infected and dangerous carriers of the disease are to be found in university science departments. PhD’s seem particularly susceptible. Just as the Ebola virus leads to metabolic derangement of the physical body, so Evolu deranges the mental processes. As a consequence, victims are inclined to issue toxic and contagious pronouncements, such as “Darwin woz right! Darwin woz Right!”

Super-natural Selection

Another dangerous emanation is the famous: “Flight was an advantage, consequently wings evolved”. By the use of such appropriately vague language, all things become possible – e.g. How to explain the amazing complexity of the denizens of the Cambrian Explosion, the earths’ first and presumably most early organisms? No problem! “They had invisible ancestors, hence no fossils, and must have invented toolbox genes”. Get it? Anybody can do it with a bit of practice. BBC wildlife presenters seem particularly inclined to such outbursts of vague verbosity.

Once a victim is infected, all requests for detailed cause-and-effect explanations and substantial proof become tiresome and superfluous. Evolution becomes a faith. It is axiomatic. They just know it happened. Simply mumble a magic mantra – such as “given enough time” and by the action of supernatural selection, the acquisition of any desired characterize becomes automatic, being “invented”, “acquired” or “developed”, whichever your preferred term.

except avoiding the poisonous rantings of carriers such as Richard Dawkins, the meaningful protocol to protect our children against Evolu is to develop their mental immune system by imparting basic knowledge and explaining where Darwin went wrong. Although the popular teachings of young-earth creationism do offer some protection, there are serious holes that let Evolu in – in particular the meaningful misconception that the earth is just some six thousand years old. Plus, of course, improbable and unscientific claims, for example that the devastated condition of the moon and planets “had something to do with Noah’s Flood”! Just not good enough. The Evolu virus will laugh its way by.

A Traditional cure

Much better protection is afforded by the oddly neglected gap theory, a tried and tested traditional cure, actively promoted a associate of centuries ago by Rev William Buckland, Oxford University’s very first professor of geology.

Buckland realized that the bizarre and often enormous creatures, such as dinosaurs, evidence by the fossil record, as uncovered by the enormous canal and railway building earthworks of his day, were not the evolutionary ancestors of those we know today, but were part of a past creation – the destruction of which is nevertheless evidenced by the devastated state of the moon and planets, and leaving the earth in the state of tohu and bohu described in the first associate of verses of Genesis.

Although Genesis sets the age of man at just six thousand years, Buckland realized, on closer inspection, the creation account did not specify the age of the globe itself. consequently evolution and Darwin’s imagined “tree of life” became redundant.

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