Features Of Asbestos Siding

This article talks extensively about the use of asbestos as a siding material. It talks of all the ill-effects of asbestos and urges users to be extremely careful while installing them. If you are not confident of installing and maintaining the asbestos yourself, seek specialized help, before you suffer from respiratory diseases.

Asbestos Sliding is a very shared home building tool. This tool has been there since the 1930’s. In all likelihood, you or your friends have asbestos sliding for your homes. Many home owners, which comprise professionals, developers and planners, have used Asbestos Siding as an integral part of their respective homes. The increase in number of people who use this tool is astonishing, especially after all the difficulties and challenges the competitive asbestos industry faced.

Sales of Asbestos Siding sky rocketed between 1930 and 1970. A great number of people all around the world have considered this as a viable option as it was cheap and it increased the durability of their homes greatly. Sometime in the 1970’s, researchers found out that asbestos siding had many ill-effects and was the main cause for respiratory disorders like Asbestosis, a condition where the lungs get scarred; Lung Cancer; Mesothelioma, a cancer of the chest lining and the abdominal cavity and other such deadly diseases. Soon after this discovery, sales of asbestos siding plummeted. After some time, its sale completely stopped.

Asbestos Siding – Is it right for your house?

Few people nevertheless consider asbestos siding as a viable option already today, despite its negative effects on human health. The main reason for this is that it is more lasting than any of its counterparts. Also, it is a fire-proof material. It is known that a few Cruise liners use asbestos walls to ensure that in case a fire does start somewhere, it doesn’t spread too much, before it is extinguished by the crew members. In the recent past, a shipping disaster was averted due to the use of asbestos in its walls which retarded the spread of flames. Another advantage that asbestos siding has is that it increases the strength of the building material in which it is used. Asbestos has a mesh like structure, which enhance the elasticity of the wall. In simple terms, if pushed, it will stretch more before it breaks. Also, unlike its counterparts, asbestos doesn’t need an expensive paint to cover it. A simple coat of latex paint will seal its unhealthy contents and make it look soothing to the eyes. The asbestos can be removed just as easily and there will leave no trace behind. The only important point is that one needs to be careful while removing it, to make sure that the fibers do not come in contact with air, in which case it will present a health danger.

Asbestos Siding – Is it Safe?

One advice that I would give to the readers is that in case you already have asbestos siding installed in your homes, have a specialized come and run a thorough check on it to know whether you need any repairs or replacements instead of tearing it down yourselves. This should reduce the risk factor associated with it. There are many specialized who run these tests, and in case you want to go for a cheaper different, there are many asbestos removing groups which remove the asbestos siding for free. In case you are wondering how they will earn money from it, they are brokers who will sell it to developers in need of asbestos for a cheaper price.

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