Florida DUI Checkpoints

Florida DUI Checkpoints

DUI sobriety checkpoints are one of law enforcement personnel’s most direct methods of keeping an eye on DUI offenders, in addition as checking drivers’ licenses and means registrations. Florida law enforcers randomly use checkpoints to catch offenders. Such checks are conducted more so on peak celebratory holidays such as Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. Roadside checks allow law enforcers to monitor in compliance with court orders and statutory restrictions.

The main purpose of DUI sobriety checkpoints is to ensure that general public is following safety rules on roads. Possible harm by DUI offenders may be avoided from consequences of their own actions by such checks. Sobriety checkpoints seem to have become basic for law enforcement officials in Florida, as their frequency has increased on many public roads.

Sobriety checkpoints hover on a fragile precipice between authentic public safety and invasion upon a citizen’s Fourth Amendment protection against unreasonable search and seizure. Issues that fall under this precarious balance comprise of gravity of public concerns served by the seizure, extent to which the seizure advances public interest and strictness of interference with individual liberty. Many states including Florida consider sobriety checkpoints constitutionally valid. However, there do exist certain states in US that continue to forbid the same. Courts in Florida found that sobriety checkpoints were conducted for the purpose of verifying compliance with DUI laws, and consequently was a valid exercise of police strength.

Policy of Florida Highway Patrol is to promote safety for motorists using public freeways and to provide a deterrent for those who violate directives contained in Florida Statutes. Although other law enforcement procedures may unprotected to a greater number of arrests, the purpose of a checkpoint is deterrence of Driving Under Influence. Purpose of a checkpoint is to increase chances of detection and arrest motorists. It also serves to bring about a greater public awareness of the problem that is targeted by such checkpoints.

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