Free Email sets – Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail – Whats the Difference & Who’s the Best?

Free Email sets – Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail – Whats the Difference & Who’s the Best?

If you’re looking for an email service provider, you might be overwhelmed by all of the choices you have to sort by. They might all seem the same and have similar features, but some are better than others.

Let’s start with # 3:

Microsoft Live Hotmail

Microsoft has been providing e-mail for many, many years. It has evolved into a 5 GB storage powerhouse. It provides you with good amount of security, but doesn’t have the best spam filtering service. In my experience, a good amount of spam gets by the filter and into your inbox. On the plus side, you can chat with your MSN messenger friends directly from Hotmail, making live conversations that much faster.

# 2:

Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo! has a reputation for keeping the position quo on e-mail although in the past few years (very little change) they’ve been trying to reverse that thinking. You can now chat with your Yahoo! contacts in addition as attach files as large as 100MB with the built in application for Its spam filtering is as good as you could hope for coming from a free service.



Google is the reigning king of webapps. Gmail has the most built in features of all the popular email sets. Unlimited storage, the ability to create, edit, find, publish, and save documents all within your Google account. It’s spam filtering is superior to other email service providers. You can already have shared calendars, get your e-mail on your phone, and a whole large number of other options. This service will not leave you wanting anything else as it is all there for you, waiting for you to set afloat it.

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