Galentine’s Day Parties

Ah, Valentine’s Day. That day in February where we profess our love for someone. We send flowers, we give cards and gifts and it’s a day where love blossoms for all to see. But what about other types of love? Shouldn’t they be famous too? This is where Galentine’s Day comes in, you know, you and your ‘gals’ celebrating Valentine’s Day but with a twist.

Sometimes girls just want to get together and have a pretty party and what better day than Valentine’s day to do just that? I average, there is an abundance of flowers, everything is girly pink and red, it just screams party! These parties can run the gamut from informal to all out and can include games, photo booths, food machines, and the like. You can have a tea party with your closest girlfriends or a gala fit for royalty, it’s all up to you.

We all love taking photos and if you’re dressed up for a party, it’s the perfect time to make some memories. By fashioning a heart out of flowers you can make yourself a pretty backdrop for those photos, or you can decorate a large frame with flowers, hearts, balloons and paint for another cute prop. In fact, bunches of balloons in all hues of pink and red, hearts and lips make a great backdrop for photos all by themselves and of course they can easily be moved to the table for a great centerpiece too.

Food machines are a great addition to any party as they allow guests to serve themselves leaving the great number free to enjoy the party and not use all night in the kitchen. Things like cotton candy makers add whimsy and of course more pink to the Galentine’s festivities and who can resist an old fashioned popcorn machine or a mobile frozen treat cart filled with delicious creamy goodies?

A tea with finger sandwiches or a dessert party complete with champagne, the choice is yours but what better way to get all your girlfriends together for a fun night? If you really want to amp up the decor, what about fashioning a heart shaped centerpiece out of flowers? As each guest leaves the party, she can take a flower or two home, because really who doesn’t like flowers?

The best part about Galentine’s Day parties is the fact you can get together with your gals for a great night in!

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