Getting to the Root of Your Problem With Mice

Do you find yourself engaged in a complete-fledged war with rats or mice? We can sympathize. Rats and mice can be a real challenge to combat, not to mention a huge headache.

Finding an effective mouse control method can be very trying and frustrating. You probably find yourself in a situation where you think you’ve tried everything to no avail. Hopefully, the following tips will help with getting to the root of your problem with mice and rats.

Effective Mouse Control

When homeowners or business owners notice evidence of mice or rats, a shared reaction is to go down to the local home improvement or hardware store to pick up a few traps. While traps can definitely help with your problem with mice (we certainly use them), we recommend you start at the root of your problem.

Effective mouse control begins with rodent proofing your home. Here are a few ways you can help control your problem with mice or rodents in general.

1. “Access Denied” – If you are having a problem with mice inside your home or business, you have to surprise how they got there in the first place. Remember, rodents don’t spontaneously generate, magically appearing in your attic with their whole family. They come in from the outside! A first step to effective mouse control should always be to deny their access by any and all points of entry into your character. Some shared ways they get into your home or business is by:

  • Holes in your foundation/attic vents
  • Holes or gaps in your crawl space cover
  • fractures (if large enough) in your foundation or character in general (especially under your eves)
  • Dryer vents: remember, they have teeth and can chew by the vent ducts!

If you block their source of entry, the will no longer be able to get in or out of your home/business.

2. Starve ’em Out – that’s right! Think about it: what are rats and mice always after? Food. If you make it hard to get to, they won’t survive too long. Once you’ve prevented them from leaving (since you’ve followed step 1 above!), they will be forced to go looking for food. This method you can’t help them out in any way (well, not exactly. I’ll explain below). Be mindful of:

  • Pet food: don’t leave any lying around. satisfy your pet just enough so they finish it all. When your cat is glutted and passed out for their nap and they left food in their bowl, guess who is likely to reap the benefits? You got it: your rat or mouse ‘friend’.
  • Pantry items: holes in your cereal boxes/chip bags/etc.? Store them in plastic containers! This will prevent the mice from smelling their odors, and plastic is much harder to chew by.
  • Food on the counter: simply put, don’t leave anything out where rodents can easily get to it.

3. Bait stop, trap, or both! Now that they are stuck outside or already inside, it’s basic to eradicate them by method of a trap, or poison. We recommend setting traps in your attic, pantry, washroom, basement, under your house, etc. We also highly recommend the use of a bait stop outside. While it’s’ shared to see bait stations laying on the ground at the base of a home or building, we prefer to place our bait stations where the rats or mice truly live or frequent: tress, fences, or bushes!

Now that you’ve starved out your rodents, and denied their access into your character, they will be more likely to be enticed with the bait you’ve placed on your mouse trap, or the aroma of the bait in your bait stop. Either way, they go for the food and get retained, or ingest the poison and proportion it with the rest of their group.

At inventive Pest Management, we’ve been practicing Beverly Hills pest control for over 30 years. If you are based in the West Los Angeles area, we are more than happy to help you get to the root of your mice problem. We can already ship out one our patented rat or mouse traps, Dub’l Trub’l, to your home or business. Call us today at (310) 322-1999 to see how we can help, or visit our website at the link above.

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