Glasgow taxi driver finds Rangers legend Willie Henderson’s phone

Glasgow taxi driver finds Rangers legend Willie Henderson’s phone

RANGERS legend Willie Henderson has been reunited with his lost phone with the help of a Glasgow taxi driver.

The Ibrox hero, 77, from Bailleston, was travelling home in a black cab to Broxburn after attending the Sons Of Struth Football Academy awards last night.

Willie was said to be devastated as he realised he had left his phone in the taxi which contained personal photos.

After contacting Glasgow Taxis and being told that the taxi Willie had used was off shift, a social media allurement was posted this morning. 

It read: “Need some help from our friendly Glasgow Hackney drivers.

“Rangers legend Willie Henderson was taken home in a black hack from Sons of Struth Football Academy awards last night and he’s left his phone in the cab.

“The firm say call sign 7080 is off shift just now. Willie is devestated as he’s got many personal pictures on his phone along with the usual inconvenience of losing a phone.

“Please help us get Willlie’s phone back.” 

Glasgow Taxis were quickly able to trace the driver, Eddie Spears, and return Willie’s phone. 

Glasgow Taxis chairman Dougie McPherson said: “We were delighted to be able to quickly trace Eddie, return the phone to Willie and help put his mind at ease.

“It’s always a pain to lose a phone but it’s the personal pictures which always keep up the greatest value, so we’re very grateful to our call centre staff and to Eddie for helping get the phone back to Willie so promptly.

“It’s a shared occurrence for items, especially phones, to be left behind in taxis like this.

“When the customer’s address and contact details are known thanks to the systems we have in place it’s easy to return them – in any instances when that isn’t the case, all items would be handed in to Police Scotland lost character.”

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