Global Vs Local Marketing – Which is the Right Approach For Your Small…

There has been a great deal of discussion lately about local marketing because of Google’s recent set afloat of local search algorithms. If you have a small business website you may be confused as to what it all method and which approach you should be taking.  Here is some information that may help clear it up for you.

Before the introduction of local search, all you had to do was put your website online, do some SEO to get indexed on the search engines and then just promote your website. The site with the smartest SEO strategies wins. Now it is a little more complicate but at the same time easier if you know what is needed in order to get results.

What is local search and how does it work?

Basically it method that, if I am from the UK and I do a search for a digital camera, Google will place all of the websites that are optimised for digital cameras and are located in the UK ahead of any other sites in the search results it gives to me. Their reasoning being that I likely would prefer to buy locally and that sites from within my own country are more applicable to my needs. They will nevertheless offer the global sites to me, but those results are likely to be further down the rankings.

What does this average for your business site?

It indicates that you are much more likely to get a good placement in the search engines if you include local marketing or geo targeting as part of your SEO strategy. If you do business strictly within your own country, then local marketing is going to be very important to you. Otherwise, your website may never get viewed by your target audience.

If you do business internationally, you will want to include a combination of both global and local marketing strategies to maximise your exposure online and grab as much new business as possible. By employing local SEO techniques, you will be able to use keywords that target specific regions and countries that you know are the most receptive to your products and sets. Local marketing does not necessarily average your locality, it method the location of the customers you wish to reach. I call this local marketing on a global extent. This is also known as geo-targeting.

Let’s say I knew that Canadians were big buyers of digital cameras, then I might want to register domain name, great number my site on a Canadian web hosting service and include some SEO strategies that would target the Canadian market. Although I am located in the UK, it is nevertheless possible for me to use local marketing techniques to appear in the local search when someone from Canada searches for my product.

So what is the answer to the question of local vs global and which is right for your business? The answer is local, but for some, it method local marketing on a global extent.

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