Grocery App UI Template

Grocery App UI Template


Grocery Shop template is produced as a wonderful solution for any agricultural or organic food shop Android App UI template.

It is a template for Android developer that want to create grocery application with clean design. The template is only lay outing without data flow and communication with backend system. This UI Template can reduce your development time and will loved by developer that hate lay outing design!


  • Splash screen 
  • Intro screen
  • Login
  • register
  • Forgot password
  • Home screen(product list with different category, Product name, product image, amount)
  • Product details(Product name, price, description, product image slider)
  • Add to cart
  • Cart list with add & delete item
  • Delivery screen(Date & Time,  select address, Total items, total amount)
  • Add Shipping address
  • Address list(Shipping address list)
  • Payment confirmation screen
  • User profile screen
  • Order list screen(product name, order id, Delivery position, Date and time, Product quantity ,Total amount)
  • Notification screen
  • About-us screen


Android studio  version : 3.1.2
Gradle version : 3.1.2
on : 26
minSdkVersion : 17
targetSdkVersion : 26


  • Import project on android studio
  • Use SDK 26
  • Use Gradle version 3.1.2

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