How to Approach Math information Problems on the Pharmacy Tech Exams

How to Approach Math information Problems on the Pharmacy Tech Exams

The Big Secret: Don’t think about the problem until you write down all of the factors.

Sounds too easy, right? But it’s where everyone gets stuck. Start by carefully reading over the complete question from start to finish and decode the important factors. Then, go back and slowly read it again, writing down only the necessary factors. Factors aren’t just numbers, but also things like days, percent signs, p.m., or in any case will help keep things straight for you. Also, neatly write numbers below or above numbers that will be additional or subtracted and set-up any fractions.

Write an Equal sign where it belongs

This is basic; the equal sign is like a cause to our brains that we’ve been taught since 3rd grade. Now that the problem is written in terms with an equal sign in place, the light will generally go on and you’ll start working the problem. From here, the only hang-ups you may encounter are things like not knowing conversions or needing to transform to all like factors. already if you write down the factors wrong the first time, you’ll likely see how to re-position them and get started.

Sloppy writing is not allowed in math:

Your success at math is contingent on writing all of the factors neatly and organized. When you come across a math information problem, the first thought that should come into your head is to grab for a piece of paper to write it out. As you jot it down, write neatly and leave yourself some space between lines.Beware: Exam writers prey on your bad habits.

When I create practice math information problems for the free practice exams, I have to think up three dummy answers. How do I do it? It may sound sadistic, but I try to consider what answers would come up if someone was sloppy. I think about things like if a factor was left out, or if someone did the equation in a rush, or their head. Exam writers who write for official exams do the same thing. After all, the exams are used to weed out complete applicants. If you want to pass the exam, get in the practice of writing things down completely, neatly and organized.

When you get to a question that’s a math information problem.

First, relax and know that all of the facts are in there for you to solve it. Then take a thorough breath and follow these steps: Don’t try to rush or use a short-cut

Read it at the minimum twice

Write down the only necessary factors

Put an equal sign where it belongs

Do the Math

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