How to clarify Infestation When Taking a Termite Picture

If it’s your first time trying to clarify termite infestation it may be necessary to take a termite picture. This is because it’s important to know how termites look like and where to look for signs of infestation before you can apply the appropriate treatment.

First of all, termites like wood a lot, so any structure in your home that is made out of this material should be checked. Termites thrive in the floors, walls and already furniture. Watch out for mud holes and feces and take pictures of these and other trails so that you can easily confirm infestation. Termites come from the outside, so inspect your backyard. If you notice similar marks on the soil, tree stumps, or dead leaves, then there may be termites. They often access your home by fractures on the walls or doors. You might also want to check your windowsills, moldings and basement and take a termite picture.

Not all termites appear like a grain of rice but most of them do. The soldier termites have mandibles while reproductive termites have wings. Worker termites appear like the reproductive ones but are smaller and have no wings. Finally, swarmer termites resemble a flying ant – the difference is that an ant’s body has a head, slim abdomen and thorax, while a termite just has a straight body and head. additionally, termites have wings that don’t have vein patterns and are much longer than the body. They also don’t have bent antennae but rather beaded ones that point away from the body.

Hopefully, this article has helped you become more familiar with what termites look like. Once you do, you can start taking a termite picture of trails and compare problem areas in your home to confirm infestation.

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