How to Control Roaches and Save the World

Can you imagine a world without roaches? Wouldn’t it be a treat if you never, ever saw another one? Would that be paradise? truly no, it wouldn’t.

What? How could the absence of roaches be bad? Because these irritating, bothersome, frustrating creatures are basic to the ecosystem and without them, the world is out of balance.

These lowly members of the food chain do so much for us that we are not aware of. We may think of roaches as nasty, disgusting pests as they scurry around in our clean kitchen. We scream when the lights turn on and several dart around the floor for safety. But outside of our homes, roaches are paramount in the ecosystem.

When a tree falls in the forest (and let’s assume it makes a sound… ), it begins the time of action of decay. Decay is very important to the rest of the ecosystem as it provides nesting sites to many arthropods, mammals, birds, etc. plus provides necessary nutrients back into the soil for future plants to grow. The lichens, moss, and myriad other microscopic creatures depend on the tree to slowly decay and provide all these benefits.

Roaches are wildly meaningful in this course of action as they are regularly cleaning up other’s debris. They are munching on the excrement of mammals, the molted exoskeletons of bugs and any dying players during decomposition. If roaches were not here, decomposition would suffer and the forests could become choked with debris that gets in the way of the rightful course of action.

So, okay. Roaches are fine in the forest, but not in my home! This is where most people would agree – roaches in the home is why people have an aversion to them. They certainly are wily little pests that will live ANYTHING…

The solution with roaches then is to compartmentalize where we will allow them without trying to eradicate the species. Since there is no need for a tree to decompose within your home, keeping roaches in their original, natural habitat is reasonable.

Most pest control products used today are harsh, synthetic, chemicals. They are often odorless, colorless, and last for weeks to continue to kill any and all roaches. Unfortunately, we as humans along with our children and pets are continuously exposed to these poisons in addition. Not a good solution as treating roaches with these creates super bugs immune to everything.

Instead, using a natural ingredient from character to control roaches keeps them under control while allowing them their rightful place in the world. Cedar will control roaches – keep them out of your home, your yard, etc. by clearly stating “YOU ARE NOT WELCOME!” As opposed to the message of “I am trying to kill every last one of you with the strongest, most toxic chemical possible.”

None of us are suddenly going to like roaches. But respecting their place in the world and controlling them in a way that makes you happy without disrupting the balance of character is the BEST solution.

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