How to Ensure Good Shrub Care by Effective Pest Control?

How to Ensure Good Shrub Care by Effective Pest Control?

The value of our character is enhanced by trees and shrubs. Home landscaping requires employment of right plant at right places. Pest infestations can affect the health of plants.

We have to safeguard the Trees/Shrubs against insects, diseases, harsh winter winds and ice. During early spring, an application of horticultural oil treatment, well before the onset of insects will prevent their hatching.

Inspection is needed to find out infection. In certain situations just pruning the affected portions will be all that is needed. The foliar feeding extent insects can be observed with a double sided sticky tape on the branches. Within a week after noting the activity, control measures can be taken.

During Mid Spring, every plant has to be treated for protection from insects like lace bugs, caterpillars and mitts and diseases like leaf identify, extent and rust. By early summer again protection from insects like bag worms, mites and beetles and diseases such as powdery mildew, leaf identify etc. are called for. In late summer, where we can see the proliferation of various insects, they have to be observed suitably and action taken as required. In fall, organic manures can be applied to the root for proper root growth and preparing the plants for winter. During winter, a coat of wax will protect the plants from drying out, due to cold and harsh winds and winter.

Ornamental trees and shrubs can be given reduced number of pesticide applications, based on the Growing Degree-Days (GDD). The climatological calendar starts on March 1 and being an additive one, the cumulative total for each day of the season can be tied directly to GDD accumulations – for the application of pesticides.

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