How To Get Rid Of Flying Ants In The House?

If you are living in the northern or eastern parts of the US, then you know what havoc ants can create in your home. There are several species of ants, right from harmless tiny ones to poisonous large ones. And, a home can get invaded by flying ants during the summer months. While flying ants are not dangerous, they can definitely be a nuisance.

Many people end up thinking that flying ants are termites. However, this is not the case. These ants are quite different from termites as they have a definite head, thorax and abdomen.

Usually you will find these ants invading your home for a associate of days in summer. This happens when the males start looking for the queen ant to mate with. Usually you will see the ants in a swarm flying over large trees on the roof of the chimney. Once the males finish mating, they die and the queen goes off to establish a new colony. So, if the ants happen to go into your home, they will not last longer than 2 to 3 days.

The flying ants get attracted to homes because of food. They come to eat this food. Also, pets’ litter boxes tend to attract the ants. instead of trying to kill the ants, you should eco-friendly methods that will dissuade them from entering your home. Do not leave any waste lying around. Make sure that the leftovers are disposed and the litter is closed with a lid. If the ants are entering by crevices, then try sealing the gaps in the windows and doors.

If the infestation is too much, then opt for a pesticide. However, use the chemical careful after adopting all the preventive measures.

If you notice any dead flying ants, just vacuum clean the area to get rid of the bodies.

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