How to Make Websites

How to Make Websites

So you’re finally ready to take the drop and make your own website? Whether it’s as a hobby, as a learning experience, for business, to make an additional dollar, making your own website can be a very rewarding experience!

The following will guide you step by step on how to make a website.

1. The very first step you need to take is to register a domain name. A domain name is the location of your website on the internet. For example, Since rare domain names are difficult to come by these days, you may want to consider purchasing an already existing domain name, but, clearly, this is much, much more expensive. You can register a domain name at websites such as

2. Once you register your domain name, you will need web hosting. Web hosting allows you to “great number” files on your website. basically, it method it allows your visitors to see the web pages you create on their computer. You can get web hosting at websites such as HostGator

3. Once you have your hosting account registered, you need to ask your great number how to “setup the nameservers” so your domain name points to your web hosting account. If you skip this step, you will not be able to put up pages on your website!

4. Now that you’ve setup the nameservers, ask your great number for “FTP” login instructions. Download a free FTP program from the internet and login to your FTP. FTP allows you to create, edit, delete, and modify files on your website.

5. Create a file in your FTP named “index.html”

6. Begin writing HTML code to create your page or use a website or web page editor software if you don’t know HTML.

7. Once you create your first page, upload it to your FTP.

8. kind in your domain name in your favorite web browser and you should be able to see your website! Send the domain name to your friends and check to see if everything is working! If you or your friends cannot see a website, it may take up to one week for you to wait until it shows because the “nameservers” need to be properly updated.

Now you can start creating more pages and using “links” to connect all the webpages together into a complete website! Creating and making sites are fun and a great source of income!

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