I Was a Paramedic For 14 Years

I Was a Paramedic For 14 Years

No other group of people where as pleased to be alive as the patients I used to take for their cancer treatment.

I used to take people to hospital with broken legs, eye problems, back problems, etc.. They all sat their with long faces, like they where on a bus, or in a taxi, going for dental treatment.

Not so my cancer people. It was like being a member of a select club. They would come on-board with stories to tell, greet each other, exchange all types of home made food. I loved Mrs. Lavines “cookies”. That didn’t come out, quit as I planned to say it. OK Mrs. Johnson’s, fudge dummies were the best I have ever tasted. Sorry done it again.

The truth is, I miss those Ladies, and Gentlemen. I became friends with many of my patients. I am now retired, but I used to be invited for Christmas dinner, Birthday parties, Weddings, anniversaries, and unfortunately funerals.

I will miss all those lovely people. People who have a passion for life. It’s not that they have gone anywhere. It’s me, I have moved to Thailand. That’s why I will miss them. I have discovered my life by those great people. It is by my contact with all those great characters, I have found out one thing “This is not a practice” we only get one life. And they have shown me that I should enjoy every minute of it.

Their is one thing I came across, and I am nevertheless finding. Many people don’t have an heir, or family to leave their estate to. After some research I found out that in California alone $2.4 Billion in unclaimed character goes up in smoke. It goes to the (BUP) Buriew of Unclaimed similarities.

I have set up a contact web site to help the hundreds of thousands of us who are alone. Why let the government take all our hard earned cash? When all we need to do is set up a reciprocal Will. It’s a fact of life, one day we will expire. Lets get together and help each other. It might be you who benefits.

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