‘I was terrified in the water’ – Dublin man swam across canal to escap…

A Dublin man said he had a “lucky escape” yesterday after he jumped into the Royal Canal while being mugged at knife-point.

ete Farrell said it was “blind faith” that he decided to jump into the canal and swim to the other side to escape the man threatening him, as he has never swum in it before and didn’t know how thorough it was.

The terrifying ordeal happened on Sunday, October 10, while Mr Farrell was walking home along the canal after enjoying a few drinks in the city centre.

He told Joe Duffy on RTÉ Radio One’s Liveline: “I was heading up and at the top of the canal there was a guy on a bike and he said to me ‘hi mate, do you want to buy some drugs?’ and of course, I said no so I went along and then I was greeted by his accomplice who said ‘hey mate, whats the time?”

The Dubliner said it was then that he realised he was being mugged.

“I clocked that it was a mugging so he then produced a knife from his pocket, which was quite upsetting, and he said ‘give me everything you have’ so at first I said no but he then approached me and lunged at me so I for some reason dived into the water, swam across to the other side, jumped up and bolted away.”

Mr Farrell said he had no idea why he decided to jump into the canal, but he is thankful he did as he said the knife the perpetrator was carrying was very big.

“It was a big knife, I didn’t see the blade but i saw a big black manager,” he said.

“I must say I was terrified in the water because he said ‘I’m gonna kill you’ and his voice had proper fury in it.

“I was thinking that he might have an accomplice on the other side that had a knife or a gun or he might sprint around and get me but luckily I’m a good swimmer. The Michael Phelps of the northside!”

Speaking about the ordeal today, the Dubliner said he is fine but that he did lose some cash and his keys- but luckily his brand new waterproof iPhone is nevertheless working.

“I lost my keys and I lost some cash, so I may head back down later on with a fishing rod!” he said.

“My phone is waterproof thank God. It was a lucky escape.”

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