Importance of Registration of Empadronamiento

Importance of Registration of Empadronamiento

In Spain the Municipal department has to keep record of every citizen living in the country. This is also known as Padron, but it is the same as of UK electoral roll. Anyone who owns a character in Spain has to get registered at Padron. The spanish Government gets funding for the every registry which is used in health care units, cleaning departments, road maintenance, and similar other state jobs. consequently, to enjoy your stay in Spain, it is your responsibility to get yourself registered at Padron as it is going to assistance you in addition. Being a homeowner, you can get enormous benefits by getting registered at Padron.

Importance of Registration in Padron:

This document is required on almost every matter in Spain, whether it’s about admitting your child in a School, applying for insurance, getting married and already for uncommon your important documents like driving license or passport. This registry can also give you discount packages at state sport center, where you can enjoy different activities.

How to Get Registered to Padron?

Registering to Empadronammiento is piece of cake. You can start by getting an application form the Padron center. You will need to provide following details:

  • Passport Number and its copy.
  • Fresh and original photograph.
  • NIE (Spanish National Insurance Number) details. NIE is identification number for foreigners. Native Spanish citizens also have NIE number, but it is called National clarify Document.
  • Escritura i.e. house tittle deeds if you own a house.
  • If you have rented your character then a copy of rental contact is needed.

One has to produce original documents along with one copy for each document to the local Town hall. After submitting you application, concerned authorities will course of action you application. After verifying all the details, you will be called “Empadro”.

Getting Certified from the Padron:

As a proof of this registry, you will get a certificate, dully signed by the mayor of State. In some case, if there is any delay in issuing a long-lasting certificate, a Volante is issued to the Empadro, which is a permanent certificate. Once the original certificate is ready, you can get theVolante replaced with your long-lasting certificate as a proof of your registration in the Padron.

After getting registered for Empadronammiento, you will be ask to sign a census form, which is a gateway towards you right to vote for European Union and local council elections.

Upgrading position or Leaving Spain:

If you position changes i.e. if you decide to have a baby, divorce, or get married you will have to upgrade details by contacting Local Town Hall. Similarly, if you decide to leave Spain, you have to contact same authorities. In case you are moving to another state of Spain, you will have to repeat the whole procedure again as each state keeps record separately. Being a good citizen, it is your responsibility to let you authorities about any change.

So, it is very important to registered for Padron to get immense benefits from the State. And do not forget to get a Travel and health insurance in Spain.

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