Income Protection Insurance: A Boon for the Salaried Class

Income Protection Insurance: A Boon for the Salaried Class

The main cause of worry for all salaried people is that what would become of their families if something unfortunate were to happen to them. People who are the only breadwinners of the their families, especially have this tension about an uncertain future and the fate of their loved ones. The Income Protection Insurance or long-lasting Health Insurance is aimed at relieving the tensions of people whose main source of livelihood is the fixed income that they bring home at the end of every month.

Every human aspires to protect their loved ones from all types of adversities, basically by providing them financial protection. The fact that without of money can rule to a lot of difficulties and problems in life neither needs proof nor explanation. Keeping this in mind people take up life insurance, so that in case the person dies, his family will have the much needed financial protection. To fight calamities and accidents, assets like vehicles, home, etc. are also insured.

But, a scenario where a person is unable to work because of sudden illness, or a handicap due to an accident has been largely ignored by insurance companies, and the general public too, till now. Medical insurance and other medical covers are provided by organisations, but they cover only the concerned person’s medical bills that too only till a certain time. But, what after that? And what about the ill/disables person’s family? It was keeping all these factors in mind that income protection insurance was introduced.

Income protection insurance is basically for those people who cannot begin again their normal day to day job, either due to a sudden illness or a disability. This kind of financial protection is provided by the employer to his employees, wherein, the employees are paid a certain percentage of their monthly salary (mostly it is 60%, but it can also be more depending upon the employer’s policies). The amount paid is usually not taxed and is mostly paid till the age of 50 to 65.

The income protection insurance policy helps the people dependent on their fixed monthly, continue a dignified way of living despite being unable to work.

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