Innoventures – How Innovation Can Invent Joint Venture Opportunities

Innoventures – How Innovation Can Invent Joint Venture Opportunities

Innovations have multiple supplies of inspirations and motivations aside from pure genius. Funds are the regular ones. Prized competitions by Bill and Melinda Foundation and Google drew scientists and university students to develop cheap but healing vaccines and faster lunar information transmission technology, respectively. Policy supports are big factors too. Government of Barcelona bike-friendly policies gave way to biking practices in the city. Education-coupled with remarkable poverty-also drives innovation. Bangalore, India became the second Silicon Valley because of it. Social responsibility is catching up to be one of the current forces of innovation like Texas Instrument or Intel’s digital villages in Amazon, Brazil. insignificant personal interest is not negligible and so as joint ventures.

We have read, seen and heard of many joint ventures nowadays that produced breakthrough products and sets. Microsoft and university students produced Vista, Xbox and tablet PCs. Google and Samsung invented T-Mobile or the Google phone. CNN and ESPN did not only deliver global sports news but entertainment sports. Time and different politicians, celebrities, writers and famous people came up with gripping testimonies about the 100 influential people. Bill Clinton and George Bush exponentially raised funds for Katrina. Apple and Nike came up with a ware that monitors heart rate while jogging and listening to iPod. Intel and Amazon universities provided easy to reach healthcare sets in distant Amazon villages.

Google and General Electric now move to develop a smarter electricity transmission grid. General Electric and Mubadala little by little build Masdar, an eco-city that is carbon-free and energy efficient. American International Group and Philippine American Life and General Insurance Co. offer a one-stop shop that has complete insurance and investment portfolios. Victoria Secret and ForestEthics published eco-friendly catalogues. Marriot Hotel and Conservation International protect Amazon rainforest. TiVo and introduce “product buy” straight from TV programs like Oprah Winfrey talk show using television far away control.

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